SafetyCube Presentations at TRA conference – April 2018

SafetyCube was part of the Transport Research Arena 2018 (TRA 2018) conference activities, which took place in Vienna, Austria from 16 to 19 April 2018. The European Road Safety Decision Support System (DSS) as well as results from the research conducted within the context of the various work packages of the SafetyCube project were presented.

The presentations and the related papers are currently available:

 SafetyCube TRA 2018 Full Paper Yannis

 SafetyCube TRA 2018 Presentation Yannis

 SafetyCube TRA 2018 Full Paper Kaiser

 SafetyCube TRA 2018 Full Paper Theofilatos

 SafetyCube TRA 2018 Presentation Theofilatos

 SafetyCube TRA2018 Abstract Wijnen

 SafetyCube TRA2018 Presentation Ziakopoulos

 SafetyCube TRA 2018 Full Paper Ziakopoulos

 SafetyCube TRA 2018 Poster Thomas


Additionally, an invited session on SafetyCube and InDeV was also organised on “European road safety policy: Towards evidence-based decision making, especially for vulnerable road users!”. The session was organised as Pub Quiz and was chaired by Klaus Machata. The following speakers participated:

  • Evidence-based road safety in the EU: from Policy to R&I – Ingrid Skogsmo, EC DG Research
  • The potential of safety performance indicators in Road Safety Management – Rune Elvik, TOI
  • New ways in evidence-based decision-making: The SafetyCube project – Pete Thomas, Loughborough University
  • Economic evaluation of road safety measures – Wouter Van den Berghe, VIAS
  • The SafetyCube European Road Safety Decision Support System – George Yannis, NTUA
  • Measuring the Road User. The challenges of quanitfying human related risk factors and measures – Susanne Kaiser, KFV
  • Surrogate safety measures, theory, application, examples – Aliaksei Laureshyn, LU
  • Technical tools for safety data collection – Niels Agerholm, AAU
  • VRU accident costs – Anatolij Kasnatscheew, BASt
  • Handbook of VRU study methods – Kris Brijs, Hasselt University
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