SafetyCube definition of user needs and hot topics – August 2015

“SafetyCube Deliverable 2.1 Definition of user needs and hot topics” is now available as a result of the Work Package 2 activities.

The purpose of this report is to define user needs for the planned Decision Support System (DSS) and “hot topics” to be used as demonstrators in the project. A kick-off workshop was planned for the second month of the SafetyCube project to quickly engage stakeholders and identify key research topics addressing road safety.

The first goal of the workshop was to identify the requirements for a Decision Support System based on the needs of the intended end users. The second goal was to identify current and/or high priority issues that should be addressed in a DSS. These “hot topics” could be specific risk factors, safety effects, and cost-benefit analyses to be examined within the project. This consultation will ensure that the SafetyCube project is correctly oriented to address relevant road safety issues as well as establish examples for testing the DSS once completed.

This deliverable is an input to the technical work packages (WP3-WP8) of the project and is not a definitive analysis of the workshop results. The information gathered from the stakeholders must be reviewed separately in each work package to orient their specific activities.

The Deliverable is available below:

pdfSafetyCube Deliverable 2.1 Definition of user needs and hot topics

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