SafetyCube Decision Support System – January 2018

An article on SafetyCube project by prof. Pete Thomas from Loughborough University was published in the second newsletter of the “SaferAfrica: African-European Dialogue Platform on Road Safety” project. The article titled “SafetyCube DSS: the first integrated Road Safety Decision Support System developed in Europe” presents the European DSS developed within the SafetyCube project. The DSS was developed by 17 organisations from 12 different countries and it offers for the first time scientific evidence on a large number of risk factors and related road safety countermeasures. Its main objective is to enable policy makers to substantiate their road safety decisions for actions, measures, programmes, policies and strategies to be implemented at local, national and European level.

The article is currently available:

 SafetyCube DSS – SaferAfrica Newsletter -January 2018

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