SafetyCube Il Notiziario – January 2016

An article on SafetyCube project by Concetta Durso, Project Manager of ERF, was published in the Italian specialised magazine “Strade & Autostrade”.

The progress of the SafetyCube project regarding the identification of user needs for the planned Decision Support System (DSS) and “the hot topics” that should be addressed in the DSS is presented. Special focus is given to the SafetyCube Stakeholder Workshop, which took place in Brussels in June 2015, including the objectives, the activities and the results of this Workshop. Reference is also made to the second SafetyCube Stakeholder Workshop, held in Ljubljana in October 2015 and to the activities that took place based on the results of the previous Workshop.

The article is currently available:

pdfSafetyCube Il Notiziario – Strade&Autostrade – January 2016


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