SafetyCube Plenary Meeting, Barcelona – March 2016

On March 1-3, 2016, SafetyCube partners gathered in Barcelona to discuss the progress and next steps of the SafetyCube project.

Within SafetyCube’s methodology workpackage, guidelines for literature search and for summarizing research results – including meta-analysis – have been developed, which together with the revised template for coding research studies, ensures a uniform way of addressing different risks and measures in different areas of interest. That way it will be possible to perform overall quantitative analyses over studies that are otherwise hardly comparable. First results are planned to become available late autumn 2016.

Moreover, behavior, infrastructure and vehicle workpackages discussed the specific issues and particularities involved in each field.

A major part of the discussions was dedicated on the design and the functionalities of the SafetyCube Decision Support System (DSS), on the basis of the feedback from stakeholders received so far during the various SafetyCube workshops, as well as on the so far experiences from the analyses carried out within SafetyCube.

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