SafetyCube Road Safety Workshop, Brussels – September 2016

SafetyCube project organised a Road Safety Workshop at BRSI in Brussels on September 27th, 2016, with more than 40 participants, regarding the first viewing of the SafetyCube Decision Support System (DSS). The purpose of the workshop was to illustrate how existing road safety knowledge can be collected, structured and distilled into the SafetyCube DSS that can be queried in terms of safety risk factors and potential countermeasures, including crash scenarios. The key road safety stakeholders had the opportunity to watch the methodology followed and preview the SafetyCube DSS prototype, allowing vivid discussion for its further improvement.

The presentations are currently available:

pdfSafetyCube Workshop Brussels Agenda Sep2016

pdfSafetyCube Workshop Opening Thomas Sep2016

pdfSafetyCube Workshop Inspiration and implementation Elvik Sep2016

pdfEC_RTD SafetyCube Workshop Brussels Bird Sep2016

pdfSafetyCube Workshop Scientific Basis Martensen Sep2016

pdfSafetyCube Workshop DSS Design Yannis Sep2016

pdfSafetyCube Workshop Cost Benefit Information Martensen Sep2016

pdfSafetyCube Workshop Accident Scenarios Niewohner Sep2016

pdfSafetyCube Workshop Brussels Aigner-Breuss & Papadimitriou-Sep2016

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