Liaison between SafetyCube and InDeV on the determination of crash costs – January 2016

A Decision Support System for road safety stakeholders is being developed in SafetyCube. One important feature of this tool would be to facilitate Cost Benefit Analyses. Hence, SafetyCube will provide guidelines for the determination of crash costs and will determine crash costs for all EU member states. Specific attention is paid to the costs of serious road injuries. InDeV, another Horizon 2020 project, also aims to collect information on costs of crashes in different EU countries. To make sure decision makers have the best available information and to prevent sending two similar questionnaires to crash costs experts in EU member states, the two projects decided to work together.

Crash costs experts from SafetyCube and InDeV had a very fruitful first meeting together on January 28th in The Hague and decided to liaise on the collection of information on costs of crashes. We will have additional joint meetings in the future.

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