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Identification of infrastructure-related risk factors, Deliverable 5.1 of the H2020 project SafetyCube

One of the main objectives of SafetyCube is to contribute towards the creation of an inventory of estimates of risk factors and effects of measures for road infrastructure. SafetyCube Deliverable 5.1 advances the state of the art by analysing and synthesising the current knowledge on infrastructure-related risk factors that allows them to be ranked and […]

The effects of Road User Behaviour on Road Safety – New results available in SafetyCube Deliverable 4.1

SafetyCube’s Deliverable 4.1 ‒ Identification of Road User Related Risk Factors ‒ has been approved by the European Commission and is available in the publications section. It documents the process that created a comprehensive taxonomy of risk factors taking stakeholders’ priorities into account.  The SafetyCube researchers identified and coded studies that report on various behaviour-related […]

The application of systems approach for road safety policy making, Deliverable 8.1 of the H2020 project SafetyCube

An important product of the SafetyCube project is a tool to access information on road safety risks as well as potential measures for reducing injuries. The Decision Support System (DSS) in SafetyCube is beginning to take form and the early part of the development process is now documented in a format that allows stakeholders to […]

SafetyCube progress of activities concerning serious road injuries – April 2017

The EU project SafetyCube is developing a Decision Support System (DSS) that is to provide insight in the causes of road traffic crashes and support in the identification of the most cost-effective measures for the most important road safety problems. One aspect of SafetyCube is dedicated to serious road injuries, their health impacts and their […]

Liaison between SafetyCube and InDeV on the determination of crash costs – January 2016

A Decision Support System for road safety stakeholders is being developed in SafetyCube. One important feature of this tool would be to facilitate Cost Benefit Analyses. Hence, SafetyCube will provide guidelines for the determination of crash costs and will determine crash costs for all EU member states. Specific attention is paid to the costs of […]