SafetyCube progress of activities concerning road user behaviour – November 2015

SafetyCube’s work package 4 aims at identifying risks and measures which are related to road user behaviour (like driving under influence, not wearing protective devices or road safety campaigns measure wise). In order to facilitate the Decision Support System risk factors and counter-measures will be assessed regarding accident contribution and effectiveness.

In a first step it is important to identify all kind of risk factors and possible measures and list them exhaustively. WP4 has received and processed valuable input on that from stakeholder workshops.

In parallel, the process of drafting an three-level taxonomy of risks and measures has started and topics like distraction, drunk driving, speeding etc. have been assigned to involved partner organisations preliminarily. Since not all road user related risk factors are tackled by a road user related measure (e.g. ignition interlocks to prevent drunk driving) work on that is coordinated with WP 5, 6.

Furthermore, studies on various related topics are being preselected in this phase of the project.

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