SafetyCube progress of activities concerning serious road injuries – October 2015

Serious road injuries and their costs are dealt in Work Package 7. The main objectives are to:

  1. Assess and improve the estimation of the numbers of serious road injuries (Task 7.1)
  2. Determine and quantify health impacts of serious road injuries (Task 7.2)
  3. Estimate economic and immaterial costs related to serious road injuries (Task 7.3)
  4. Identify key risk factors related to serious injuries and their health impacts (Task 7.4)

The first months of the project we have been working at Tasks 7.1 and 7.2.

Regarding Task 7.1 we decided at the kick-off meeting to tune our activities as much as possible to activities of for example the CARE experts group, IRTAD and FERSI. Instead of circulating our own questionnaire, we will make use of existing information as much as possible and we will focus our attention on completing the information for all EU countries. On the basis of results from case studies, analyzing data from Spain, The Netherlands, the UK, France, Belgium and Slovenia, we will provide guidelines for the determination of the number of serious road injuries. On the moment we are working on a proposal for the research questions that should be answered by the case studies.

Regarding Task 7.2, we discussed a format for case studies describing health impacts of (serious) injuries during our Telcon in September. We are now working on these case studies, including information from France, Germany, Spain, the UK and Belgium.

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