SafetyCube stakeholder workshop, Ljubljana – October 2015

SafetyCube organized on October 14th 2015 a successful workshop hosted by AVP in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The first part of the workshop was a plenary session with about 150 participants from the Slovenian Road Safety Councils and IRTAD meeting. The SafetyCube project was presented as well as the plans for the Road Safety Decision Support System (DSS) and the “hot topics” from previous workshop. All participants were asked to give their feedback to the DSS and “hot topics”. Feedback was collected both in spoken and written form.


The second part of the workshop was a breakout session continuing with participants from the IRTAD group. The breakout session started with a discussion where the 23 participants were giving more detailed feedback on their wishes and questions on the DSS. Thereafter the participants were asked to add, comment and prioritize the “hot topics”. This was done on six posters showing the “hot topics” from previous stakeholder consultation.


The collected feedback is very important for SafetyCube and our further work and we would like to thank all participants for your contribution!


Minutes and presentations from the day are available below.

pdfSafetyCube workshop Ljubljana 20151014 minutes

pdfSafetyCube Workshop Ljubljana George Yannis

pdfSafetyCube Workshop Ljubljana Heike Martensen

pdfSafetyCube Workshop Ljubljana Klaus Machata

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