SafetyCube workshop on serious road injuries, The Hague – May 2016

Within SafetyCube, we develop detailed guidelines for the registration and monitoring of serious road injuries (MAIS3+ casualties). On May 24th, we organized a workshop in The Hague to present our preliminary guidelines and discuss how these guidelines could be further improved to meet all user needs. About 30 participants from 13 countries and organizations like ETSC and FEVR attended the workshop and provided feedback on the preliminary guidelines.

The workshop started with a welcome from Peter van der Knaap, managing director of SWOV Institute for road safety research, an introduction to the SafetyCube project by project coordinator Pete Thomas, a welcome from Maria Teresa Sanz-Villegas from the EC and an introduction to the guidelines.

Before discussing the preliminary guidelines into more detail, we discussed current and planned practices around Europe and how we could improve access to hospital data. In the afternoon we presented and discussed our detailed guidelines for each of the three ways described by the EC to estimate the number of serious road injuries: 1) applying correction factors to police data , 2) use of hospital data, and 3) linking police data and hospital data. Finally, we presented and discussed our preliminary conclusions regarding the comparability of the different methods.

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