The application of systems approach for road safety policy making, Deliverable 8.1 of the H2020 project SafetyCube

An important product of the SafetyCube project is a tool to access information on road safety risks as well as potential measures for reducing injuries. The Decision Support System (DSS) in SafetyCube is beginning to take form and the early part of the development process is now documented in a format that allows stakeholders to understand how information can be accessed when the DSS becomes accessible.

Information in SafetyCube Deliverable 8.1 describes the co-ordination of the analysis of risks and measures using a systems framework within the SafetyCube project. A road collision is rarely the result of a single factor and several types of interventions are usually available – hence the quest is for a system approach to road safety facilitated by the DSS. SafetyCube is likely to provide a game-change in this respect, by developing a tool to support European policy making at all user levels. Contents of the Deliverable include (i) defining the systems approach to be used within SafetyCube, (ii) developing a taxonomy of risks and measures, (iii) identifying a common set of accident scenarios and (iv) initiating work on the Decision Support System (DSS) development.

The DSS is following the planned development schedule and public training sessions are to begin after the summer of 2017.  A midterm presentation of the DSS prototype in September 2016 is also available for review.

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