The effects of Road User Behaviour on Road Safety – New results available in SafetyCube Deliverable 4.1

SafetyCube’s Deliverable 4.1 ‒ Identification of Road User Related Risk Factors ‒ has been approved by the European Commission and is available in the publications section. It documents the process that created a comprehensive taxonomy of risk factors taking stakeholders’ priorities into account.  The SafetyCube researchers identified and coded studies that report on various behaviour-related risk factors and summarized these effects. The main outcomes are synopses of 25 human-related risk factors (such as speeding, driving under the influence, distraction, etc.), are based on more than 180 studies and are included in the deliverable. They will also be available soon through the web based SafetyCube Decision Support System.

The positive feedback from the project officer at the midterm review meeting in December 2016 encourages the project team to keep up the good work in the next phase of the activity. Reports are being analysed to document the effect of countermeasures in several areas: law and enforcement, education and training, licencing and testing, fitness to driver assessment and screening as well as awareness raising and campaigning.


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