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SafetyCube Collaborates with Partner Projects – April 2016

Part of the SafetyCube project activities is to explore collaboration with other Horizon 2020 projects funded in the same call in 2014. During the TRA conference held in Warsaw, SafetyCube initiated an informal meeting of the five project teams: XCYCLE, InDeV, SENIORS, PROSPECT, and SafetyCube. The results of the meeting and an associated conference session […]

SafetyCube Participates at TRA – April 2016

SafetyCube was part of the Transport Research Arena (TRA) conference activities with presentations in both a formal session and the exhibition area. A session of invited speakers presented five H2020 projects: InDeV, PROSPECT, SafetyCube, SENIORS, and XCYCLE.  The session, chaired by SafetyCube coordinator Pete Thomas, was well attended. Prof. George Yannis and Eleonora Papadimitriou presented […]

SafetyCube Plenary Meeting, Barcelona – March 2016

On March 1-3, 2016, SafetyCube partners gathered in Barcelona to discuss the progress and next steps of the SafetyCube project. Within SafetyCube’s methodology workpackage, guidelines for literature search and for summarizing research results – including meta-analysis – have been developed, which together with the revised template for coding research studies, ensures a uniform way of […]

SafetyCube Stakeholder Workshop, Brussels – February 2016

On February 22nd, 2016, the SafetyCube project held a workshop for European road infrastructure stakeholders in Brussels. The objectives of the workshop were to present the project activities to date and plans for the coming research steps, and to receive feedback from stakeholders concerning: user needs for the DSS to make it useful – also […]

SafetyCube Presentation at TRB Annual Meeting – January 2016

The SafetyCube project was presented by Eleonora Papadimitriou at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) 95th Annual Meeting, which was held in Washington, D.C., in 10-14 January 2016. The presentation included the main objectives, as well as the general concept of the SafetyCube project and the related European Road Safety Decision Support System under development. The presentation […]

SafetyCube Il Notiziario – January 2016

An article on SafetyCube project by Concetta Durso, Project Manager of ERF, was published in the Italian specialised magazine “Strade & Autostrade”. The progress of the SafetyCube project regarding the identification of user needs for the planned Decision Support System (DSS) and “the hot topics” that should be addressed in the DSS is presented. Special […]

SafetyCube Road Safety Priority Topics Survey – December 2015

In view of developing the European Road Safety Decision Support System (DSS) within the European Commission co-financed research project SafetyCube, all European road safety experts and stakeholders interested are invited to participate at our survey which is available via the SafetyCube Project website and rank the “Road Safety Priority Topics” to be included at the […]

SafetyCube Plenary Meeting, Gothenburg – November 2015

On 10 November 2015, SafetyCube’s behavioural, infrastructure and vehicle experts gathered in Gothenburg to receive an in-depth training for coding road safety literature. The coding exercise is the basis for an evidence-based, quantified overview of risk factors in road traffic as well as the effectiveness of countermeasures. This will be one of the main building […]

SafetyCube progress of activities concerning road user behaviour – November 2015

SafetyCube’s work package 4 aims at identifying risks and measures which are related to road user behaviour (like driving under influence, not wearing protective devices or road safety campaigns measure wise). In order to facilitate the Decision Support System risk factors and counter-measures will be assessed regarding accident contribution and effectiveness. In a first step it […]

SafetyCube stakeholder workshop, Ljubljana – October 2015

SafetyCube organized on October 14th 2015 a successful workshop hosted by AVP in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The first part of the workshop was a plenary session with about 150 participants from the Slovenian Road Safety Councils and IRTAD meeting. The SafetyCube project was presented as well as the plans for the Road Safety Decision Support System […]

SafetyCube Presentation at CARE Experts Meeting – October 2015

A general presentation of the SafetyCube Project was given by Prof. George Yannis at the CARE Experts meeting of the European Commission, which was held on 8th October 2015 in Brussels.  Special emphasis was given to the objectives and the work programme of SafetyCube project regarding serious injuries and their costs. The presentation is currently available:  SafetyCube […]

SafetyCube Al servizio della sicurezza – October 2015

An article on SafetyCube project by Concetta Durso was published in the Italian specialised magazine “Le Strade”. The general framework of the SafetyCube project and its objectives were presented. Focus was given to the SafetyCube Stakeholder Workshop which took place in Brussels in June 2015. The objectives and the activities during the Workshop were presented […]

SafetyCube progress of dissemination and consultation activities – September 2015

All SafetyCube dissemination and stakeholder consultations activities are coordinated by SAFER within Work Package 2. An intensive start up period was experienced with planning and implementing the first stakeholder workshop in the second month of the project (Brussels, June 2015). All activities and results were summarized into the first deliverable of SafetyCube – Definition of […]

SafetyCube Decision Support System – May 2015

The SafetyCube European Road Safety Decision Support System (DSS) is one of the key objectives of the SafetyCube project to better support evidence-based policy making. The SafetyCube results will be assembled in the form of a Decision Support System that will present for each suggested road safety measure: details of the risk factor tackled, the […]